Direct Cremation

About Direct Cremation

Some people like to do things differently and do not require a traditional funeral service, often replacing this with a memorial service or event following the cremation.

Direct cremation is the simplest way to achieve this and is the most cost-effective option. Direct cremation is normally unattended but should you choose to be present for the committal at the crematorium, we can organise this. The ashes will be returned to you following the cremation.

Direct cremations will take place at a local crematorium of our choosing and will often take place early in the morning.

Our Promise

Unlike other direct cremation packages,

We will always respectfully transport your loved to crematorium using a hearse only and on the agreed date and time of cremation, not the day/evening before.

Your loved one will stay local at our Spring Lane, Radcliffe address and will be cremated at one of our surrounding local crematoriums, not taken to another part of the country some miles away for cremation.

Because the cremation will be local, your loved one’s ashes (if required) will be available on the same day of the cremation, not days, weeks, months after the cremation.

We will always have enough bearers to respectfully carry your loved one into the crematorium without the use of a wheel bier.


Direct Cremation Costs


    • Guidance on the certification and registration of death


    • Collection of deceased from place of death (local)


    • Cremation


    • Collection of ashes following the cremation



Unattended £1925.00*

*Inclusive of third party unattended cremation fee and Doctors Cremation Certificates

Attended £2200.00*

*Inclusive of third party direct (no service) attended cremation fee and doctor's cremation certificates.

*These fees are to be paid at your earliest convenience prior to the cremation

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