Embalming and Viewing

About Embalming

Embalming in simple terms is the process removing existing bodily fluids and replacing them with a preserving solution called formaldehyde. Embalming temporarily preserves the body and can help with the process of viewing the deceased at our chapels of rest.

We will apply makeup and style hair in a certain way if requested, a photo of your loved one will help us to organise this.

If necessary, mortuary cosmetics can be used if the deceased has some discoloration or has suffered some trauma, we will always consult families and discuss before doing this.

About Viewing

Viewing takes place in our peaceful chapels of rest, where you can spend time with your loved one in their coffin and dressed in either their own clothing or a gown which we would provide. We have four chapels of rest at each of our branches. Viewing is by appointment.